European Immunology Organizing Committee

Anil Mishra

Director of Tulane Eosinophilic Disorder
Tulane University School of Medicine

Biography: Anil Mishra, PhD., is Professor of Medicine and Endowed Chair, Edward ReadMore...

Research Interest: Medicine, Pulmonology

Michael Roth

University Hospital Basel

Biography: Michael Roth, Head of the Pulmonary Cell Research unit at the Universi ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pulmonary Cell Research, Pneumology

Raed Tayseer Suleiman

Vice President
Ibn Al Haytham Hospital

Biography: Ra’ed Tayseer Suleiman, MD Consultant pulmonologist, Intensivist and ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pulmonary diseases

Gamil Sayed Zeedan

Associate Professor
National Research Center Ministry of High Education

Biography: Gamil G. S. Zeedan obtained Ph.D. Virology ,Cairo University Egypt , M ReadMore...

Research Interest: Microbiology and Virology

Inderpaul Birdi

Heart Surgeon
The Keyhole Heart Clinic
United Kingdom

Biography: Inderpaul Birdi is an experienced traditional and keyhole (minimally i ReadMore...

Research Interest: Oncology, with a particular focus on Cancer Genetics, Cancer ReadMore...

Wissam N Raad

Associate Professor
Mount Sinai Health System
New York, USA

Biography: Wissam N. Raad MD, FACS, FRCS is a minimally invasive Attending Thorac ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cancer, Regeneration, Stem Cells in lung cancer.

Sameer Gupta

Interventional cardiologist
Metro Hospitals & Heart Institutes

Biography: Gupta is a highly skilled cardiologist who specializes in Intervention ReadMore...

Research Interest: Interventional Cardiology and Endovascular surgery

Javier Carbone

Clinical Immunologist
Puerta de Hierro and Santa Elena Hospitals. Complutense University.

Biography: Javier Carbone has his expertise in evaluation and passion in improvin ReadMore...

Research Interest: Immune-based diseases

R.P. “Kris” Iyer

Director, Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer
Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals

Biography: Javier Carbone has his expertise in evaluation and passion in improvin ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cancer Immunology

Jerald Sadoff

Head of Early Development of the Crucell Vaccine Institute
Janssen Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

Biography: Javier Carbone has his expertise in evaluation and passion in improvin ReadMore...

Research Interest: Vaccine Development

Luiz Werber-Bandeira

Head of clinical immunology unit
General Hospital

Biography: Luiz Werber-Bandeira is the Head of Clinical and Experimental Immunolo ReadMore...

Research Interest: Clinical and experimental immunology

Pierre A. Morgon

Chief Executive Officer
MRGN Advisors

Biography: Pierre A. Morgon is CEO of MRGN Advisors and Senior Advisor for Switze ReadMore...

Research Interest: Medicine, Pulmonology

Lisa Lee-Jones

Senior Lecturer in Immunology
Manchester Metropolitan University
United Kingdom

Biography: Senior lecturer with 14 year’s experience of HE teaching, predominan ReadMore...

Research Interest: Oncology, Cancer Genetics, Cancer Biology, Immuno-Oncology a ReadMore...

Hikmet Jamil

Michigan State University

Biography: Hikmet Jamil has received his Medical degree from Baghdad University, ReadMore...

Research Interest: Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Krassimir Metodiev

Professor & President of IMAB
Medical University of Varna

Biography: Krassimir Metodiev, MD, Ph.D., DSc(Med), is Head of the Department of ReadMore...

Research Interest: Immunology, Autoimmunity